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Serving Dumont since 1937, the Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps (DVAC) is wholly staffed by volunteers.  Make no mistake - though we donate our time freely to the people of Dumont, we are professionals in every sense of the word.  In fact, many of our members are paid EMTs for surrounding towns and agencies as well as nurses, doctors and other health care professionals.  Our training and standards exceed that of most paid organizations in NJ.

DVAC alumni have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, law enforcement, FBI agents and the list goes on.  We strive for excellence and it shows.

Please take a few minutes to go through our website and see what it is we do and how you can help us do it.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit
Become an EMT, serve your community, make a difference!
- Learn skills that wil potentially help you (and others) for the rest of your life
- Give back to your community and do your civic duty
- Become a valued participant in the history of the corps

Active Riding Member, Reserve Member, Auxilliary Member
ACTIVE RIDING MEMBER:   We all started somewhere.  We will help you become a NJ Certified EMT, pay for your training and make sure you have the tools and experience to become a senior member in the corps.  If you are certified in another state we will help you secure NJ reciprocity.  Already have your NJ EMT certification but no 911 experience?  We will teach you what you need to know to bridge the gap between theory and real world EMS.  Already a 911-experienced EMT?  We will acclimate you to the corps and to the idiosyncracies of EMS in Dumont.

RESERVE MEMBER:   Already a 911-experienced EMT but can't commit to riding a regular full shift?  Join us as a Reserve Member and we'll work out a mutually beneficial schedule.

AUXILLIARY MEMBER:   Want to help, but don't want to become an EMT or ride the ambulance?  There are many other ways to still help us in our mission.

In addition to members, we need funds to pay for equipment and supplies.

Check out our fundraising page to see how you can help

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit and contributions and donations are tax deductible

Come visit our FaceBook page to see what's new and then support us by liking our page
Founded in 1937
serving Dumont for over 75 years

Dumont Volunteer Ambulance Corps - part of history, making history
For non emergencies, dial 201/384-1166                          OR you can email us at
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